uh, so, oyin... what's the bug for?

the reason there's a bumblebee on here is cos
"oyin" is the yoruba word for honey
...honey is made by bees. (get the connection?)

oyin is one of my very favorite words in the world,
has been ever since i was little

i used to think i'd name my daughter that,
but it's been twentyone years now and i was far too impatient;
i've named my clothing line "oyin: stuff you wear"
and now i've named my webpage (and cyberself) "oyin" as well.

i never was one for much waiting

what to expect from my site:

hmmm. well, it's all what you make it, seen? on the stuff you wear page you can learn about (and/or order some of!!) the clothes i make. on the honeypage you can learn about all the ridiculously sweet things i like to make and eat standing up at the kitchen counter. yes, of course you'll want to visit oyin's list of links for good living to find out about all kinds of neat stuff on the web, according the exacting standards of yours truly. the literarily inclined among you will want to check out the book list. to find out more about me, check out the introduction page

reach out and touch

leave me a note if you'e got something exciting... inspirational... poetic... delicious...
to share with me or the world
(feedback and suggestions also greatly appreciated)

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